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Covid-19 update

Updated: May 10, 2022

It is our intention at Racking Inspection Services to continue to offer whatever support we can to both existing and new customers over this exceptionally difficult period. The Covid-19 outbreak has affected us all but has impacted on businesses in many different ways. Some of our clients have temporarily ceased trading, others are trading much as normal, and others are experiencing massive increases in business. Some of you may elect to postpone your Racking Inspection but others may consider it more important than ever.

For those wishing to continue with your Racking Inspection we must ensure the safety of both the Racking Inspector and your staff by ensuring that the government guidelines including those on social distancing are correctly observed. In some warehouse environments this will be relatively easy but for others with high levels of human activity this may result in disruption of normal warehouse activities which will need to be carefully managed, or for others prove totally impractical. We would ask you therefore to consider very carefully how the Racking Inspection may be safely achieved.

In cases where your annual Racking Inspection has to be postponed our strong recommendation is that you redouble your internal inspection programme since warehouse hazards will not simply go away! For those of you who have received one of our Rack awareness training courses this will be relatively simple. For those you who have had no training in internal inspections or have no inspection system in place this is likely to prove problematic so over the coming weeks we will be posting some basic guidance on our blog on how to maintain the safety of pallet racking in your warehouse and what action to take where you have identified issues that may compromise the safety of your storage racks. Alternatively you can email us at and we will do our best to help.

We wish all of you the very best through this troubling period and want to assure you of our continuing support

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