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Racking Inspection Services

Racking Inspection Services is a totally independent company. 

We do not sell, install, repair , or maintain storage racks and so have no vested interest in the nature and extent of damage we detect.

About Racking Inspections

Keith Goodfellow is a SEMA approved inspector with over 40 years experience in Warehousing & Logistics.

Keith D Goodfellow

Keith Goodfellow is the founder and principal of Racking Inspection Services.  He is a highly experienced logistics professional who has enjoyed a lengthy and extensive career working in warehousing and distribution, and is a fully qualified SEMA approved rack inspector (SARI).  


He started his career in Logistics Consultancy in 1979 specialising in warehouse layout, design, and project management and moved progressively to towards warehousing and safety in 2000's.


Keith's background differs from many in this industry who have a purely manufacturing background, and with his lengthy wide ranging consultancy experience was determined to provide a more holistic approach to safety and inspections. 

Keith founded Racking Inspection Services in 2003 having identified the need for a totally independent and unbiased Racking Inspection service.  In response to repeated demands from clients the business then expanded to to provide Rack Awareness Training.

Why use an Independent Rack Inspection provider?

Impartial Unbiased Advice

Because we're independent, and we don't sell racking, we are free to comment not only on the condition of the storage racks but also the method and quality of installation and associated issues such as safe load signage.  


Our income is derived solely from rack inspections and rack inspection inspection training courses and we won't pass your information onto other companies to provide quotes.  


In fact we wont even suggest companies.  we simply say you must use SEMA accredited suppliers, details of which can be obtained via SEMA.  

Benefits of using Racking Inspection Services

  • Pallet racking safety inspections are conducted by SEMA approved rack inspectors(SARI's)​

  • Rack Inspections in accordance with the SEMA Guidelines for Pallet Racking Inspections

  • Fast IT based inspection and reporting services

  • Our total independence ensures no conflict of interest  We tell it as it really is!

  • Highly experienced inspectors with specialist knowledge of all types of warehousing operations and systems

  • Cost reduction through reduced damage

  • Damage reduction and less down time

  • Compliance with insurer requirements

  • A regular warehouse audit by Racking Inspection Services ensures compliance with Health & Safety and SEMA guidelines to us 'Technically competent' qualified inspectors.

SEMA inspector assessing damage to a rack frame.
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