Racking Inspection Services use highly experienced SEMA rack inspectors (SARI's) to conduct your racking inspection.

We are SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors

What is a SEMA Approved Inspector?

​SEMA is the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association.


Established in 1968, it is the trade body set up to represent the interests of the storage industry by sharing best practice and improving industry standards. 


Over the years SEMA have expanded their role working with industry members, statutory bodies bodies, and other trade associations such as the HSE, RoSPA, CSCS, FEM, &  BMHF to grow & develop their role promoting safety and best practice in the storage industry.  

SEMA now represent all aspects of the storage industry from the design, manufacture, installation & maintenance, & inspection of storage racks with approved inspectors, installation companies, suppliers  & installers. 

SEMA aims & objectives:


  • Consider everything relevant to the Storage Equipment Industry.

  • Benefit the industry through the distribution of technical advice and information on trading opportunities. 

  • Establish and publish technical standards for all types of storage equipment. 

  • Represent the Storage Equipment Industry in discussions with UK Government departments and Local Authorities.

  • SEMA is a Member of the British Materials Handling Federation (BMHF) and actively influences the Federation Europeene De La Manutention (FEM Section X, the European Handling Industries Federation which seeks to establish common policies, particularly technical, amongst national storage equipment associations. 

  • Ensure that standards adopted by public and professional bodies are in accordance with the interests of the Industry. 

  • Encourage co-operation between individual members. 

  • Maintain, above all else, the integrity of the Association.

There are a variety of accreditations to look out for: 


  • SARI's: SEMA Compliant Inspectors

  • SEIRS: The Storage Equipment Installers Registration Scheme

  • SAIC:   SEMA Approved Installation Company

  • SDC:    SEMA Distributor Company


By following the SEMA guidelines, and using SEMA members and products you demonstrate your commitment to safety in the workplace and best practice by ensuring adherence to the highest standards developed by an internationally recognised and respected trade body.  Furthermore since these accreditations are recognised by the HSE you can demonstrate 'Due diligence' in having suitably competent persons working on your storage equipment


If you would like to find out more about SEMA then simply click

this link to download the SEMA Celebrating 50 Years publication.


What is a SARI?

A SARI is a SEMA Approved Rack Inspector

A SARI is considered a 'Competent Person' to inspect your storage racks and this accreditation is recognised by the HSE. This is very important because by using a SARI it demonstrates that you have exercised  'due diligence' in the selection of your racking inspector. It therefore ensures statutory compliance & is likely to be a requirement for insurance purposes.  

Do beware that some so called 'inspectors' pass themselves off as competent claiming that they are SEMA trained.  They have possibly only completed a basic awareness course.  Make sure you check your inspector is a SEMA Approved Inspector. You should ask to see their certification or check with SEMA if you are unsure.

Why should I use a SEMA Approved Rack Inspector (SARI)?

​​All SEMA Approved Inspectors are trained and examined by SEMA. ​This training is an extensive course including lengthy study, written examination, and practical assessment.  ​All SARI's are subject to annual CPD (continuous professional development) ensuring that they remain up to date and competent in best industry practice. SARI's are also subject to random assessment and a number are selected each year to submit work for scrutiny by the SEMA technical committee. This ensures that the highest standards are maintained.