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SEMA guidelines for Racking Inspections & Damage Assessment

Below you will find key information relating to SEMA guidelines. This is not an exhaustive list, but highlights the pertinent areas that you are likely to come across.

Levels & frequency of a Racking Inspection (HSG76 & SEMA guidelines)

Level & frequency of a Racking Inspection

There are 3 levels of inspections required:

  1. Damage reporting as and when the damage occurs or is seen

  2. Weekly internal inspections

  3. Inspection by a ‘competent person’ such as a SARI (SEMA Approved Rack Inspector):

(a) As soon as possible following installation or major changes but must be within 3 months

(b) At intervals of not more than 12 months but may need to be more frequent subject to specific operating conditions

Repairs & Modifications to Storage Racks

Repairs & modifications to storage racks

SEMA guidelines for modification of storage racks are as follows:

  1. Damaged components cannot be repaired and must always be replaced with the correct manufacturer’s specified part.  Don’t just assume the part you are replacing is the correct one and always check with the supplier or manufacturer of the system.

  2. It is sometimes possible to straighten twisted uprights where no damage is present but this should only be undertaken by a competent person.

  3. Heating, welding, general component repair or modification is not acceptable.

  4. Straightening damaged structural components is not acceptable.

  5. Only the correct manufacturers warranted parts should be fitted.

  6. Different component makes should never be mixed on the same system

  7. Repairs should only be undertaken by competent persons such as SEIRS registered installers as required by Health & Safety & SEMA guidelines. 

  8. SEMA can provide details of approved installers in your area.

  9. Repairs or installation undertaken internally should again only be undertaken by competent persons. 

  10. To have your staff trained contact SEMA for details of SEIRS training courses.

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