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Covid 19 & Internal inspections

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Ok. Things are different for all of us at the moment. You may have scaled back on activities in your warehouse because of Covid 19 but safety must not be overlooked. Its still vital to ensure that your regular weekly internal inspections are maintained. If you have postponed your annual Racking Inspection because of Covid 19 then you should place even greater emphasis on your internal inspections. We have created a series of ‘How to’ guides detailing the key items you should cover in your internal inspections.

1. Basis for inspections

  • Level & frequency of inspection

  • Methodology of inspection

  • Basics of how to set up a recording system

2. Load notices

  • Format

  • Content

3. SEMA risk categories

  • The RAG guide

4. Visible damage to rack structure

  • What to look for

  • How to assess and record damage

5. Beam locks

  • The need for locks

  • How to inspect

6. Floor fixings

  • The need for fixing,

  • How and where they should be fitted

7. Rack protection

  • The need for protection

  • Where to fit it

  • What types are available

7. Pallet & load quality

  • What to look for

  • Correct pallet loading

8. Pallet positioning

  • SEMA guidelines for pallet positioning

We will be regularly posting details on each item on the list so check back regularly for updates.

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