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Why beam locks must be fitted to storage racks

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Beam locking pins must be fitted to all front and rear beam connectors. They are designed to prevent accidental dislodgement of a beam by an accidental upward force but are also designed to fail in the event of an excessive upward force thus limiting the likelihood of more substantial damage and they also provide a clear visual warning of a problem.

When a missing pin is noted replace as soon as possible, but you also need to consider why it is missing because pins do not come out on their own! Was it simply missing from installation or has there been an impact causing the pin to disengage? Check for any marks or damage particularly on the underside of the beam and also check the beam connector for any damage.


  • One and only one locking must be fitted to all front and rear beam connectors.

  • Only the correct manufacturer’s locking pin should be fitted.

  • Each manufacturer has their own type and style of pin so ensure the correct pin is fitted.

  • Some pins can become partly dislodged so make sure the pins are always fully pushed in and engaged with the upright

  • It is not acceptable to use anything else such as nails, bolts, or screws to secure the beams.

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