• Keith D Goodfellow (SARI)

How often do I need to inspect my storage racking?

Updated: May 1

There are 3 levels of inspections required:

  1. Damage reporting as and when the damage occurs or is seen

  2. Weekly internal inspections or as determined by a risk assessment

  3. ‘Expert’ inspection by a ‘competent person’ such as a SARI (SEMA Approved Rack Inspector)

Expert inspections are required:

  • As soon as possible following installation or major changes but must be within 3 months

  • At intervals of not more than 12 months but may need to be more frequent subject to specific operating conditions

These are as set out in the SEMA guidelines and HSG76. Don’t forget that inspections are not optional, they are a statutory requirement and failure to inspect and maintain your storage racks means that not only are you in breach of your obligations under Health & Safety legislation but you would be exposed in the event of an accident and possible claim for compensation and your insurance could be invalidated.

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