• Keith D Goodfellow (SARI)

Do I need to fit racking protection on my pallet racking?

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Exposed elements of the storage system should have suitable protection fitted. This guidance is issued by SEMA and also by the HSE in HSG76. Suitable protection is especially important on exposed corners in areas of high activity such as uprights adjacent to main transfer aisles. It might also include faces of racking that adjoin busy aisles with a lot of through traffic or areas of high activity such as racks adjacent to marshalling or despatch areas where rack contact is more likely. You shouldn’t need rack protection to all uprights, and your truck drivers should be capable of accessing storage racks without regular contact with the structure. If they cannot then they shouldn’t be at the wheel of a truck and in such cases retaining is the solution! And don’t’ forget that retrofitting protection will reduce available clearances thereby increasing the likelihood of contact and possible damage.

When selecting rack protection avoid cheap lightweight guards. Go for good heavy duty freestanding guards and don't skimp on the fixings. Choose good heavy duty fixings and ensure that all fixing holes in the guard are secured.

Do bear in mind this protection is intended as a method of last resort and should not be seen as a positioning guide. There should never be regular contact between the truck/pallet and the rack structure. We will cover what sort of protection is suitable in another post.

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