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SEMA Racking Inspections and Rack Awareness Training Courses covering the UK

Why choose Racking Inspection Services?



We offer a totally


SEMA approved,

Pallet Racking Inspection Service


We do not sell, repair, or maintain storage racks, so there is absolutely no conflict of interest


We won't try and sell you spares or repairs. Our advice is always to use SEMA accredited professionals to carry out repair & maintenance work.

Why Do I Need a Pallet Rack Inspection?

Why Do I Need...

Pallet racking is classed as work equipment and as such, under Health and Safety Legislation expert inspections must be carried out at least once a year by a SEMA Approved Rack Inspector (SARI) or other technically competent person. 

Failing to have a regular inspection means that you are not in compliance with legislative requirements. This could prove a very costly mistake that may invalidate your insurance.

What are my legal obligations?

UK Legal Requirements

Pallet racking is classed as work equipment & under PUWER requires regular inspection.


HSG76 is the Health & Safety Executive guide to Warehousing & Storage Systems, and clearly sets out the need for, and type of rack inspections required in warehouse racking. 

In addition, HSG76 & SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association) guidelines stipulate that you must appoint a person responsible for rack safety known as a PRRS, who be responsible for rack safety.  


HSG 76 (para 644) states that employees should receive training, information, and instruction on the safe operation of the racking system, including the parts affecting their safety and the safety of others.


We offer a customised pallet Racking Inspection course at your own site, training your staff to conduct your regular internal weekly and monthly inspections to ensure awareness and Health & Safety compliance.

  • No need to send staff off site

  • Includes a demo inspection in your own warehouse

  • Presented by a fully qualified SEMA trained and accredited rack inspector (SARI)

  • Suitable for all ability levels

  • Courses can be tailored to your particular application

  • No prior level of warehousing experience or fork truck driving capabilities required

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