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How long does pallet racking last?

Updated: Jan 14

Well it’s no different to most things in life, if you look after your pallet racking, avoid damage, and ensure that routine repairs and maintenance are carried out then there is no reason why it won’t last forever! It’s a a bit like the famous Yorkshire broom that never wears out, but it’s had two handles & ten heads!

The main enemies for pallet racking are materials handling equipment, or rather the way it is driven, and corrosion. The former depends mainly on the competence of your drivers & levels of training they are given, and the latter on the environment in which the racking lives, or has lived at some point in it’s life but we will cover corrosion in another post.

I visit some warehouses with storage racks that are many years old with minimal damage and others that are only months old and the racks are already seriously bent about. What you are able to repair on a frame depends on the type of construction of the system i.e. bolted or welded. If you have a bolted frame then damaged components can simply be unbolted & replaced. In some cases it may be possible also cut out a damaged section of upright and splice a new part in. If however you frames are of welded construction then you are severely limited in what you can repair, if indeed anything at all. We will cover the Welded v Bolted debate in another post.

The important things to consider when undertaking repairs is to ensure the competence of the person carrying out the repairs because if someone gets it wrong then you will be liable. Remember pallet racking is classed as Work Equipment and under the PUWER regulations which impose liabilities on you as the user. SEMA can provide details of accredited companies in your area that are competent to supply parts and undertake repairs. Furthermore make sure you only use the correct manufacturer approved parts and never mix different makes on the same system. If you use a qualified company to undertake the repairs they will take care of all of this for you. If you need more guidance then please get in touch with us using the enquiry form at the bottom of any page.

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